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Recently I had some crab cakes shipped to me from Island Crab Company, and they were
fantastic!! The meat was very tender and just the right amount of spices were added. It
was so fresh I thought I had caught it myself.

Being up here in North Dakota you would think we could care less about seafood, but I
will tell you there are plenty of seafood lovers up here and if anyone wants to taste the
best seafood, I would give Island Crap Company a try. After all, there is more to food
than beef and potatoes.

Jeff and Denise Haugland, owners of Island Crab Company, will treat you right every

Doug G.
Grand Forks, ND


Ms. Denise—

Everything was ship shape-fresh and delicious.

Sam Timmons


My family just LOVES stone crab! Every year when season opens we can’t wait to order at least 5-10 pounds to enjoy with our family & friends. We even serve stone crab claws at Thanksgiving and at Christmas dinner! A nontraditional food item to most but it’s a tradition in our house and something we look forward to all year long.

The Ciccarello Family
South Fort Myers, FL


Of all the crabs, Stone crabs are the true king and I’ve never had better than from Island Crab. Got them just in time for a weekend feast in northern Michigan with some dear friends who had never experienced stone crabs before. Let me tell you, they were the hit of the party.